Steps to Take Before Getting Pregnant

The following are important actions to take before getting pregnant. All our blog posts are designed to tell you how to increase chances of getting pregnant. If you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with your doctor.

  • Achieve your ideal weight at least 3 months before you conceive.

Your baby’s health is tied to your body weight when you get pregnant. Overweight pregnant women run the risk of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes; they also have a higher rate of Cesarean delivery. Underweight women may have a harder time
conceiving; babies born to underweight women are more often premature and have a lower birthweight.

  • To increase chances of getting pregnant start taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant, and stop taking your daily multi- More is not better in this situation!
  • Start a regular exercise program, and stick with it. Exercising moderately before getting pregnant and continuing throughout your pregnancy can help a great deal.
  • Discuss any medications you take on a regular basis with your Doctor
  • To increase chances of getting pregnant be sure any chronic medical conditions you have are under control.
  • Stop smoking. Also avoid secondhand smoke before getting pregnant.
  • Stop drinking alcohol.
  • Be careful about taking dietary supplements and botanicals.
  • Schedule any necessary medical tests, such as X-rays, before you stop your contraception method,  to increase chances of getting pregnant.
  • Have your immunity to rubella and chicken pox checked before getting pregnant. If you need vaccinations, find out how long you have to wait after you have them before you can start trying to get pregnant.
  • Keep a record of your fertility cycle by using charts. Or check your fertility cycle with an ovulation-predictor kit or a saliva-testing kit. If you’re trying to conceive doing this is essential.
  • Start taking folic acid before getting pregnant -400mcg/day is recommended. Folic acid can help prevent birth defects of the brain and spinal cord, called neural-tube defects. It has also been shown that low levels may increase your risk of miscarriage. To increase chances of getting pregnant, you need to start taking folic acid before you get pregnant because folic acid protects you the most during the first 28 days of pregnancy. Because you may not know when you get pregnant, begin taking it when you stop contraception and while you’re trying to conceive, before getting pregnant.
  • Ask your physician to check your iron levels. You don’t want to have an iron deficiency before pregnancy-this situation could make you feel even more fatigued than is normal during pregnancy.
  • Check your cholesterol level; decrease high cholesterol levels with a high-fiber nutrition plan that is also low in saturated fat. High cholesterol levels may contribute to high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  • Stay healthy; try to avoid infections. Wash hands frequently, have someone else change the kitty litter, eat foods that are well prepared and avoid situations where you might be exposed to infection.
  • Avoid hazardous chemicals at work and at home before getting pregnant.
  • Try to lessen any unnecessary stress in your life.
  • Have a dental checkup; periodontal disease should be under control. Periodontal disease during pregnancy increases the risk of having a low-birthweight baby.
  • Find out your HIV status before getting pregnant.
  • Know your blood type and the blood type of your baby’s father.
  • Together with your partner, write down your family medical histories.
  • Consider how pregnancy fits into your future plans (education, career, travel).
  • Check your health insurance to see what maternity coverage it provides.

Some of the above actions may be harder to begin during a pregnancy. Deal with these issues before getting pregnant, know you are healthy and you won’t have to worry about the risks they may pose while you’re pregnant. It makes sense to continue birth control until you’ve achieved the above.



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